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September 3, 2020

The Wolfkeeper Show with Bruce and Claire from the Alpine Outfitters | August 20



The Wolfkeeper Show live with Toriano Sanzone and with Bruce and Claire from Alpine Outfitters.

Wolfkeepers and Dog Lovers will learn not just Training Dogs but what we can use as a harness for our Lovely Dogs from the Alpine Outfitters.
Let's all learn from them, Claire is passionate about animals and has spent a great deal of time working within the pet industry. For 7 years, Claire was the proud owner of Three Dog Bakery®, LLC in San Clemente, California. Her business talents and entrepreneurial skills started at a young age, but bloomed even more so after graduating from the College of Business at California State University Long Beach in 1987.

Before entering the pet world, Claire was employed at State Farm Insurance where she acquired much of her administrative skills as the Claim Representative. Later, she was promoted as Supervisor. Claire’s experience and expertise in business led her to the opportunity of owning and operating Three Dog Bakery®. There, she proved herself to be an excellent leader, juggling numerous responsibilities and managing her pet-loving team.

Today, Claire is on to new adventures with her current position as the Partner and Vice President of Product Development at Alpine Outfitters; makers of handcrafted and high-quality gear for working and active dogs. She has been working diligently to ensure that the growing team at Alpine Outfitters understands the vision and direction of each product. Her responsibilities are extensive, but she’s able to tackle every project head on with confidence, professionalism and passion. Working in the pet industry and providing quality products and services to people and pets has and always will be Claire’s life purpose!

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