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Dawn White is the award-winning writer and photographer behind the blog Lola The Rescued Cat and the author of Lola: Diary of a Rescued Cat. She promotes advocacy for adoption and animal rights and educates her readers on how to give their cats the best lives ever. Dawn is a contributing writer for the Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Pro Program and Chewy.com.

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Callie Smith Grant enjoys animals of all kinds. She is the author of many published animal stories and several biographies and the compiler of the anthologies Second-Chance Dogs (awarded the Maxwell Medallion by Dog Writers Association of America), The Horse of My Dreams, The Horse of My Heart, The Dog Next Door, The Cat in the Window, The Dog at My Feet, and The Cat in My Lap.

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Get to know Stacy!! She has been involved in animal welfare for over 20 years. She currently hosts a weekly podcast called the Community Cats Podcast where she interviews nationally and internationally renowned experts helping with the problem of cat overpopulation and cat welfare.

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Welcome to Alpine Outfitters! Since 1988, we have been crafting high-quality gear for working and active dogs. Over the years, our heritage and quality reputation for meeting the needs of sled dogs and their mushers has expanded to include dry land and urban mushing and other fun, dog-powered activities including skijoring, bikejoring, canicross, jogging and hiking. Some of our product offerings have also crossed over to other dog sports such as flyball and hunting.
Your dog's comfort and safety is our highest priority. Our products are designed and made with pride in Bend, Oregon U.S.A, using the highest quality raw materials, and field-tested and proven by dogs locally and around the world!
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EXPERIENCE LIFE THROUGH PLEASURE… Sunshine Ryan, allures you into the depths of possibility and sexuality. She invites you on a personal audacious journey through SELF, LOVE, and SEX and redefines the plausibility and genuineness of deep connections. From understanding desires, wants, fears and boundaries, to achieving peak, body shaking, life changing orgasms.

Can I get a Yes please?!?!  YES, PLEASE!!

Sunshine Ryan, Creator of MAYA BIRTHING, weaves tantra with, “Do I dare say it?” Pleasurable birthing. She shows you how to make love to birth, allowing it to transform not only you as a woman, but also opening the pathways for a peaceful, fearless delicious passionate birth.

Sunshine Ryan wants to remind you to let your creative sexuality energy MOVE you, GUIDE you, HOLD you, and then completely FREE you.

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Today we are talking to Amanda White-Del Pino about Black Filming making, Burning Man, and the Future of Black Americans in America. Why are Blacks leaving Chicago for the South and Abroad?

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We are talking about creating a Program of Training American Dog Trainers aka Wolfkeeper to train the Street Dogs in India. The Future is training Street Dogs around the World starting with India, Kenya, and Costa Rica. Do you want to start this Mission with us and Start saving the Lives of Dogs around the World.

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Today we are talking to my Great Friend Ulf from Mallorca Spain about Dogs and Cats and the Future of the Pet Industry in 2021!!!! Please Share and Like and Watch!!!!

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Today we are talking about Traveling and how Global Travel can change a person's life. However, how do you travel now! Can we take Youth from the Westside and make them Globetrotters.

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